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Dance Attire



Shorts or skirt over a leotard, tights and pink ballet shoes. Hair needs to be pulled off face.  Ballet warm-up are allowed until the Instructor asks dancers to remove them. No T-shirts or tanks are allowed.


Form Fitting dance clothing such as jazz shorts, pants, or capris, tights, leotards or tank s are permitted. No baggy clothing. Hair must be pulled back with headband. Shoes are required.

Hip Hop:

Stretchy, comfortable dance or workout clothing such as pants, shorts, tanks, and t-shirts. Restrictive clothing like jeans and or jean shorts are not allowed.


Same as Jazz, Usually danced in barefoot or modern slippers.

Break Dancing:

Same as Hip Hop

Flemenco Dople:

Character shoes are required. Leotard and character skirt must be worn.

Island Samba:

Same as Jazz. Usually danced in Ballroom shoes or jazz slippers.

Belly Dancing

Form fitting dance clothing. Usually danced barefoot or modern slippers.


Dangling Jewelry should not be worn in class.


Dance wear and shoes can be found at the following locations:

Dance Outfitters on Silas Deane

Dance Village 117 Spencer St. Manchester Ct

Dancingly Yours 125 East St Plainville

Payless Shoe Source and Walmart are a great place to get the little ones ballet and tap shoes at a very inexpensive price.