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About the Studio

We love dancing.

We love music.

We strive to bring passion to every dance experience.



  • Choreography is exciting and continually developed

  • Dancing multiple performances throughout the year

  • Small Class sizes

  • 2 room Dance Studio

  • Dance more than one style each month


Professional Dance Flooring System

  • Double layer sprung floor reduces joint stress and risk of injury allowing for increased comfort and longevity in you or your child’s dancing.
  • Adagio Professional flooring has a non reflective, non-skid surface that gives dancers the controlled slip they need. Ideal for all styles of dance, commonly used for stage performances.


Ballet Barre

  • Hand Sanded and Smooth to the touch
  • Adjustable height to get the perfect support or stretch for individual heights


Glassless Mirrors

  • Highly reflective without distorting sound
  • Extremely light and securely mounted for reduced risk of injury
  • Delicate, so do not touch.


Sound System

  • Access to almost every song imaginable
  • Dual room control
  • 100 watts per channel plus separate sub
  • DJ and music editing software used for professional results